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Technology for Real Estate industry designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Data and Technology for the Real Estate Industry to innovate.

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Use cases

Power your real estate business with Estated data to capture and close on more leads.

real estate site

Build beautiful real estate websites with accurate, up to date information

Add the latest property data to your real estate website or application. Integrate valuations, owner, deeds, sales, mortages and lots more important data-points.

property data insurance prefill

Pre-fill and pre-populate forms with owner, deed, title, and sale information

Gain the ability to pre-populate information on any home based on the latest public data available. Streamline your website or application with Estated property data.

real estate search

Simplify search on brokerage, agent, vacation, and rental websites

Add more data to your real estate software to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

data driven insights

Provide Data-Driven insights to employees and customers

More essential property data that matters most to your employees and customers.

property data insurance prefill

Enrich leads and enhance marketing tools

Use historical and current property data to capture more leads, create more compelling listings, and invest in the regions that matter most to you.

The fastest access to accurate, robust, high-quality property data
The #1 partner to innovative nationwide businesses
Competitive and flexible pricing models to adapt to your businesses needs
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"We compared three data samples and Estated was the most accurate... your data won the day."

Matt Lavinder, Founder/President
New Again Houses

Add robust, high-quality property data to your real estate website or app.

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