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Supercharge your underwriting with reliable data. Say NO to slow, inaccurate and expensive quote generation. Say YES to fully-automated underwriting.

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Power your workflows and minimize risk with industry-leading property data.


Avoid inaccurate quotes with more data factors in less time.


Reduce costs by getting only the data you need, when you need it.


Prevent innovative competitors from taking the lead.


Validate user information in seconds.

Find out why some of the top insurance agencies trust Estated property data.

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Customer Satisfaction

Validate user information in seconds with pre-fill screens and applications. Serve your customers faster, better.

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Confidence in Data Accuracy

Estated has the homeowner data you need to assess risk from trusted sources and power your underwriting AI. Make more informed decisions — today.

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Increased Savings

Drive key elements of the underwriting process through automated systems. Take advantage of the easiest API implementation in InsurTech.

The fastest access to accurate, robust, high-quality property data
The #1 partner to innovative nationwide businesses
Competitive and flexible pricing models to adapt to your businesses needs
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"Once we integrated with Estated, we were able to succeed closer to a 90% rate in getting replacement cost. This means the majority of customers are able to get quotes from several insurance carriers without giving us any additional information outside of the address."

Greg Isaacs, Head of Insurance — Blend Insurance Agency

Power your insurance and underwriting with Estated property data.

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