API Documentation


Welcome to the documentation. We have created a simple, easy to use API and have done our best to document each feature here.

All API calls must include a valid API key, this is our way of identifying you and authorizing your call. The first key you receive will be a trial key for the endpoint you have chosen, and will include 100 free calls. If you require more to develop your application, please contact us.

Get a key

Property Request


Release notes:

  • Current release: V1 (January 1, 2018)

Known issues:

  • Property boundaries are not populating


Real Estated Owned


Release notes:

  • Current release: V1 coming soon!
  • Docs published June 12, 2018



Responses include a status with string value to indicate success or error. In the case of a successful response, a data object is included with the response body. Otherwise a human readable error message will be provided.

Successful response:

    "status": "success",
    "data": {a data object}

Error response: (View error codes)

    "status": "error",
    "message": "No token provided."

Return values

Values returned will match the data type as specified for each field in the schema (integer, string, decimal, etc). The possible values for each datatype is shown below.

Absence describes when it is known that a feature does not exist, Unknown describes when the data could not be found. For example, if a property does not have a garage, the garage_size field will return "0". If we don't have data on whether it has a garage or not, the return value will be NULL.

Data type Absence Unknown (data unavailable) Value
Integer 0 NULL Natural number
Decimal 0 NULL Decimal number
String Empty string NULL String
Boolean false NULL true/false
Date Empty string NULL YYYY-MM-DD
Datetime Empty string NULL YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
JSON string [{"field":""}] [{"field":NULL}] [{"field":"value"}]


Errors happen either because of a problem occurred with the key or the request. The level at which the result provides an error differs based on where the error occurs within the request.

Error message Description
No token provided. No key was provided in the token parameter of the request.
Invalid token. Key supplied in the token parameter of the request is not a valid key or has been disabled.
Invalid endpoint. Key supplied in the token parameter of the request is not authorized for the endpoint used.
Trial limit reached. Key supplied in the token parameter of the request has reached its trial call limit.
Account inactive. The account which owns the key is not active.
Credit limit reached. The account which owns the key has reached the maximum credit limit allowed for the billing period.
Missing search parameters. There was not enough search parameters supplied to complete the request.
Could not parse address. The supplied address is not in a valid format.
No results found. We were unable to find results for the request.