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Exceed customer expectations with robust, high-quality property data for the mortgage and lending industry.

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Use cases

Data for mortgage banks and lending institutions to edge out the competition and exceed customer expectations

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Enrich leads and enhance marketing tools

Connect to the datapoints that matter most to your business. Get insights into property owners, deeds and any other structural or financial details that will help your company target leads and improve marketing efforts.

underwriting process

Reduce friction in underwriting loan qualification, and closing process

Financial companies are now technology companies — and this requires the right data to provide seemless experiences for consumers. Estated property data can eliminate much of the friction in your financial business.

prefill forms

Pre-fill and pre-populate forms with owner, deed, title, and sale information

Streamline your entire process and reduce time and hassle for customers by knowing more about their properties in advance.


Accurate AVMs (automated valuation methodology) for risk analysis

Utilize one of the most accurate AVM technologies available today. Assess risk and get an accurate picture of the value of any given home.

The fastest access to accurate, robust, high-quality property data
The #1 partner to innovative nationwide businesses
Competitive and flexible pricing models to adapt to your businesses needs
blend insurance

"Once we integrated with Estated, we were able to succeed closer to a 90% rate in getting replacement cost. This means the majority of customers are able to get quotes from several insurance carriers without giving us any additional information outside of the address."

Greg Isaacs, Head of Insurance — Blend Insurance Agency

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