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Access to 140+ million properties nationwide to help power your business.

Businesses choose Estated property data for accuracy, flexible licensing, ease of use, transparent pricing and customer support.

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Data is only as powerful as the insights you are able to derive from it.

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Current and historical records on almost every home in America.

Each property record in Estated’s property database contains hundreds of different data-points. We’ve created a schema that’s well documented and easy to integrate.


For a detailed look into our property data schema, visit our API documentation.



Parcel data gives you information about the land that the home sits on.



Structure data explains the qualities of the property such as year built, bed and bath count, square footage and more.



Up to 20 years of sale and mortgage data which constitute a deed record.

market value

Valuation (AVM)

Estated's automated valuation model provides the calculated property value.



Owner data will detail the full name and address of each owner record given.

Delivery Methods

Property data delivered suited to your specific needs.

Estated works with you to provide up-to-date and accurate property data as quickly as possible — So you can focus on your products and services.


Property Data API

Utilize Estated's property data API to develop your applications. Send addresses to our API for a return of all available property records.


Bulk Exports

Let us know about specific regions (or nationwide) and a set of parameters and Estated will deliver a custom list of matching properties.


Match & Append

You have a set of addresses that requires specific data. We will work with you to accurately append all required property data.

Data licensing

License the property data you need with the flexibility to choose your terms.

Estated has set a goal to make property data more affordable. Pricing shouldn’t be hidden in the fine print, so Estated has made its pricing front and center. Work with our team today to discuss a license that works for your business.

blend insurance

"Once we integrated with Estated, we were able to succeed closer to a 90% rate in getting replacement cost. "

Greg Isaacs, Head of Insurance — Blend Insurance Agency

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