Connecting businesses to accurate and up-to-date property data.

Estated, founded in 2014, is a company dedicated to aggregating, digitalizing, and standardizing property data and presenting it to consumers through our API and various products.

Powered by a team of developers, data analysts, researchers, and support in Kelowna BC, Estated is dedicated to providing the most sophisticated and affordable property data solutions.

estated property data api
Property Data API

Great data for great applications.

Estated property data API provides an outgoing stream of property data, consumable by enterprise solutions across a wide variety of industries.

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estated bulk property data
Specific Data Needs

Bulk Property Data Solutions

While the Estated API is the best solution for granular insights, working with large datasets is easier with bulk data solutions. If you're looking to utilize specific datasets in larger volumes, customize your own solution. Estated has you covered.

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