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Estated, founded in 2014, is a company dedicated to aggregating, digitalizing, and standardizing property data and presenting it to consumers through our API and various products.

Powered by a team of developers, data analysts, researchers, and support in Kelowna BC, Estated is dedicated to providing the most sophisticated and affordable property data solutions.

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Property Data API

Estated property data API provides an outgoing stream of property data, consumable by enterprise solutions across a wide variety of industries.

We have aggregated, standardized and digitalized millions of property records to create a platform that allows consumers to quickly and easily obtain property information that would otherwise be hard to get. By unlocking and unleashing this data, consumers have the ability to make smarter decisions about the biggest purchase of their life.

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Industry-wide solutions

Property Reports

Estated is your all-in-one real estate data and property report solution.

While datasets and APIs might be helpful to those who can put them to use, they can be complex and intimidating to those unaware of how to use them. Estated provides a more streamlined and intuitive product focused on property reports and market insights translating our powerful data into an easy to use and accessible solution. Our reports include interactive maps, property valuations, in-depth details, financial history & mortgages, taxes, comparable properties, neighbourhood information, nearby schools, and market conditions.

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Estated Education

Estated Education is the first of its kind: a complete course and educational framework that is based on the property buying process.

If it is your first time buying a home, condo, or any type of property for that matter, homebuyers often have no idea that they could be saving tens of thousands of dollars in fees and taxes, not to mention saving time and sanity. With hand-picked industry experts and investing gurus curating the content, be assured that your paying for insights and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.