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Learn from real estate and technology experts about the largest purchase you will make in your life.

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We’ve created 39 must-see videos and tools to help you SAVE THOUSANDS on your home purchase.
Introduction to Estated Education: Watch Estated CEO Joshua Fraser and Real Estate Professional Cole Hatter answer the top ten mistakes home buyers make.

There isn't any traditional education on buying a home, and without a trusted resource it can be confusing.

Consumers are strongly encouraged to invest in the education necessary to make good home purchasing decisions.

A complete home-buyers education package with the tools & info you need to make informed decisions.




Agent Cheat


Lender Cheat



All our cheat sheets provide you with the RIGHT questions you should be asking to help SAVE YOU MONEY every step of the way.

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39 must-see videos broken out into 5 easy modules.

Our home-buyers course was designed to be as easy as possible. Take notes, watch from anywhere, and rest assured you're getting the right information and advice.

Course Layout:
  1. Understanding Real Estate Agents – 6 Videos
  2. Protecting your Assets – 6 Videos
  3. Screening the Neighborhood – 7 Videos
  4. Home Inspection and Repairs – 6 Videos
  5. Budget and Finance *Critical* – 6 Videos
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Buying a home is one of the biggest investments of your life.

Be prepared – have all the tools & info on your side.

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