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Explore our FAQ Video Series in which CEO Josh Fraser answers some of the most common questions asked by you.

FAQ Series Introduction. CEO Josh Fraser introduces our FAQ Video Series.

A: Estated Coverage Estated has nationwide coverage and has primarily been focused on single family residential properties which includes over 105 million properties. As for commercial, it depends what you are looking for and what you deem "commercial". We have over 40 million non-single family residential properties. In total we have approximately 150 million properties.

A: Estated Coverage Every geography in the United States differs in how they release updates from their tax assessors, and this can range from daily, weekly, monthly, or annual cadences.

A: Data Updates Estated data is updated weekly. This is not to be thought of every single property in the database is updated on a weekly basis. If the county has no new information on the property (which is quite common), the information will not change.

A: Bulk Data vs. API APIs are great for clients who can send us addresses one at a time and wish to receive our property information to be used within their application either on the fly or soon thereafter. Bulk data is intended to be used by clients who do not have addresses on hand, but rather have some criteria from which they wish to be able to analyze large quantities of properties all at once.

A: Data Fields You can refer to our API Documentation for a full list of fields and more.

A: Best Address Matches With a real address that does not have any spelling mistakes and is formatted properly.

A: Estated AVM An AVM stands for Automated Valuation Methodology. Estated licenses an AVM from a third-party financial company and it's updated on a monthly basis.

A: Foreclosure Data We are working on understanding preforeclosure data better from our sources, and are hoping to have it available in a meaningful way in 2021.

A: Boundary Data We have boundaries for approximately 60% of the properties in our database. Boundary data is made up of a list of coordinates along a parcel’s boundary (usually at specific points, such as a corner of the lot).

A: Industries We focus on real estate, insurance, lending or finance, home services, and analytics.

Additional commonly asked questions:

Do you have demographic data, school district, neighborhood crime rate, walking score, etc.?

No, this is not available through us.

How far back do you have a sale history of properties?

Our earliest recorded deed is from 1978, but you can expect to have 20 years of historical deeds on average.

Do you provide the actual deed file in your bulk data?

No, just data extracted from the deed record.

Is Estated able to provide the Lat/Long for multiple buildings on individual parcels?


Does Estated have residential rental data?


Does Estated provide property lien information?


Does Estated have building permit data?


Does Estated provide past structural information on properties?


Does Estated show the mailing address for the property owner?


Can you see if the homeowner owns multiple properties through the API?


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