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How it works.

  1. Input a property address using proper call type format
  2. Receive JSON-formatted data return
  3. Integrate by mapping Estated data fields into your app or workflow
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Sample PHP Call
// Sample API call - PHP
$request = new Estated\Requests\ConformingRequest([
    'token' => 'YourApiTokenGoesHere',
    'address' => '151 Battle Green Dr',
    'city' => 'Rochester',
    'state' => 'NY',

$response = $request->send();
$results = $response->decodedBody();

print $results->properties[0]->owners[0]->name();
print $results->sales[0]->price;

Custom solutions tailored for your unique business.

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150 data fields for every address
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1-to-1 address match
140m+ properties available

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