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Whether you are looking to inform your own investment decisions or power your investment software, property data is the extra edge you are looking for.

Estated offers a simple yet powerful API that connects you with only the property data fields you need on over 100+ million properties nationwide.

Our API is the easiest-to-use on the market and allows you to access every data field offered on each property record in seconds by simply searching with an address.

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Data is only as powerful as the insights you are able to derive from it.

Public property records provide a wealth of information that can be used to identify — and close on — your next lucrative investment property.

Estated collects and organizes over 100+ million property records across the U.S. including these investor-coveted data points:

site data


Site data gives you information about the land that the home sits on.

structure data


Structure data explains the qualities of the property such as year built, bed and bath count, square footage and more.

sales data


Sales data includes the date, price, and the seller/buyer information

tax data


Tax data details the records of property taxes paid on the property.

mortgage data


Mortgage history data covers the details of the current and past mortgages such as amount, loan type, term, and more.

owners data


Owner data will detail the full name and address of each owner record given.

Knowing how much profit will be made from an investment property is likely your highest priority and adding property data insights that will help you benchmark your offer can be a game changer.

Use the recent sale dates and prices of other similar properties as a comparison so you know just how high you can push that counter offer.

Looking for a rental investment requires some analysis into the future as well as the current potential of the property to bring in (and keep) your desired additional income each month.

Structure data can provide you with layout details and insight into expansion options further down the road while tax details will allow you to quickly factor in this additional cost on your new income.

Getting the most out of your investment involves making good decisions in the first place. Validate your intuition with more essential data points steering you in the right direction.

Use the Estated API to run a comparison between the last sale price of homes that have key characteristics in common such as location or size and find that hidden opportunity.

No need to do a drive by to catch a glimpse of the name on the mailbox when you are ready to contact an owner and enter into negotiations.

Owner history is public record and is returned with all other property data through the Estated API. You will have access to the full name and address of the current owners as well as how many times the property has changed hands and when.

Finding a property with an owner eager to sell can also be a great strategy for snagging properties at a great cost.

Mortgage information is public record and can be pulled through the Estated API. Referencing the amount and term of a property’s mortgage could tip a property from medium to high potential.

Why investors choose Estated

By offering quality data at a fraction of the cost Estated users are able to skip complex data negotiations and focus faster on making their business just a bit greater every day.

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