Property Data API Overview


Properties can be requested by a variety of methods. Choose the method below based on what works best for your application.

Conforming address type:{ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&address=151+Battle+Green+Dr&city=Rochester&state=NY&zipcode=14624

Required fields:

  • address
  • city
  • state

Optional fields:

  • zipcode

Fully qualified type:{ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&unit=101&unit_type=apt&street_number=1651&street_name=North+Dayton&street_suffix=Street&city=Chicago&state=IL&zipcode=60614

Required fields:

  • street_number
  • street_name
  • street_suffix
  • city
  • state

Optional fields:

  • unit_number
  • unit_type
  • street_direction
  • zipcode

Conjoined type:{ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&conjoined_address=151+Battle+Green+Dr,Rochester,NY+14624

Elements in string, separated by commas. Optional elements in brackets:

  • (unit number + unit type) + street number + street name + street suffix
  • city
  • state + zipcode

Property Id:{ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&property_id=945046

Required fields:

  • property_id


Responses include a status with string value to indicate success or error. In the case of a successful response, a data object is included with the response body. Otherwise a human readable error message will be provided.

Successful response:

    "status": "success",
    "data": {a data object}

Error response: (View error codes)

    "status": "error",
    "message": "No token provided."

Data object

A successful call will include a data object.

"data": {
    "property": {a property object},
    "geographic": {a geographic object},

Property object

A full property object has the following characteristics:

"property": {
    "metadata": {
        "address_match": "exact",
        "property_classification_code": "",
        "property_id": "",
        "updated_at": "",
        "error_message": null
    "address": {an address object},
    "site": {a site object},
    "structures": {a structures object},
    "status": {a status object},
    "postal": {a postal object},
    "valuation": {a valuation object},
    "taxes": {a taxes object},
    "sales": {a sales object},
    "mortgages": {a mortgages object},
    "owners": {an owners object},
    "comparables": {a comparables object}

Click here for the property object schema

Geographic object

Geographic data surrounding the property on a census tract level.

"geographic": {
    "districts": {a districts object},
    "entities": {an entities object}

Click here for the geographic object schema