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Estated Staff Aug 23rd, 2019 / Property Data Api, Estated News

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably have already thought about how valuable off-market property data could be to your business.

Structural, site, ownership, mortgage and sale data are just a few examples of the 150+ data points you can access on residential and commercial properties nationwide with our property data API . Pre-fill forms, improve market listings, validate customer-provided property details, add segmented targeting to marketing efforts – and the list goes on... 

Due to the value this data can provide, we at Estated are dedicated to making it easier to access, especially to underserved small and iterative businesses.

Now, the Estated API is even more accessible and convenient to integrate into your applications. Get it on the RapidAPI marketplace and connect with other applications that you and your development team are working on at the same time – centralizing your workflow(s) in one place.

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Just in case you missed the details on why our API might be right for you, check out the highlights below:

  1. We have just one endpoint, making integration simple and keeping your costs down.

  2. Estated has one of the most affordable options on the market, monthly subscriptions start at only $199 for 1000 calls and no upfront fees. Now you can start pulling and testing the data as soon as you’re ready, no matter where you are in the development process.

  3. Your return will show metadata fields that tell you when the data was published at the source and last updated in the database as seen below on the RapidAPI Marketplace — giving you more control over critical assumptions and decisions.
  4. Our API provides excellent coverage on residential and commercial U.S. properties from coast to coast and depth on the most sought after qualities. Here are just a few:

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