What Happened to Zillow’s API?

Joshua Fraser Sep 15th, 2020 / Real Estate, Property Data, Real Estate Data, Zillow Api, Zillow, Bridge Api, Bridge Network, Zestimate, Zestimate Api

Zillow is one of the foundational technology companies of the 20th century. It started in 2006 and has a market cap of $19.38B (as of September 11, 2020). If you are reading this, we’ll assume you don't need a history lesson but Zillow has made significant changes over the past few years.

The main topic today is Zillow's API will be deprecated on September 30th which we assume thousands of businesses are utilizing today and will no longer have access to the real estate information they used to access for free.

zillow api message

Zillow will be transitioning their data business to Bridge Interactive which is focused on MLS data and brokerages. To gain access to Bridge, all users must go through an approval process to use the end points including existing Zillow API users. You must be approved by the Bridge Network which the criteria is still unknown at this time (we are investigating and will keep you posted). You will need to follow these terms and conditions according to Zillow.

Bridge offers access to multiple datasets including:

  • Bridge API (MLS data and membership required)
  • Zestimate (Free and primarily used publicly but must be branded to Zillow and follow terms of use)
  • Public Records (not comprehensive and limited)

Estated focuses on public records so the Bridge API isn’t relevant at this time. As for the Zestimate, many users will not be approved by the Bridge Network to continue using the Zestimate. I believe this is Zillow cracking down on the misuse of its algos. If you are one of these people and will need an AVM (automated valuation methodology aka “zestimate”), Estated has you covered. You can see our valuation in the schema here.

Next is public record data, this is where we excel and would love to see you test out Estated. Here is a link to over 200 fields we provide on over 140M properties across the US. We primarily focus on residential which includes over 107M residential properties across the nation with up to 40 years of historical information.

Accessibility is a keyword in all of this. Estated built the platform for anyone to access and have the flexibility to choose solutions that work for them. Over the past couple of weeks, many new clients are switching from Zillow API to Estated API to avoid disruption of their services and still have access to public record and valuation data.

We are here to make your life easy. 
If you have any questions, feel free to book a demo with us here.

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